Mower Tune-Up
Leslie's Outdoor Power
5067 Hwy 259 North
Longview, TX

Service Description

Lawn Mower Tune-Up

A tune-up is the performance of basic maintenance of a mower. It will greatly extend the life of your mower. (A tune-up does not include repairs due to mowers that won’t start or run properly.)

Tune-up includes:

  • Replace air filter and pre-filter
  • Change oil and filter (if equipped)
  • Check battery
  • Replace spark plug(s)
  • Replace Fuel filter
  • Replace fuel lines (if needed)
  • Sharpen or replace blades
  • Check all belts and idler pulleys**
  • Lube all grease points
  • Check all tire pressures
  • Check deck level and adjust as needed
  • Check hydraulic fluid and change if necessary
  • Adjust engine rpms to factory specifications
  • Check unit for any other repairs
  • Clean unit
  • blow out cooling fins

Riding Mowers – $112.50 minimum labor charge

Walk Mowers - $60.00 minimum labor charge

* Estimated price of service does not include parts or environmental fees. Parts will be in addition to the labor charge. Price does not include pick-up and delivery fee.

**A tune-up includes checking idlers and belts. There will be an additional charge for parts and labor if repairs are needed.